Why the UK faces a backlash from facial recognition technology

The UK faces an uphill battle to keep people safe from the spread of deadly virus.A new study by scientists at the University of Cambridge, published in the journal Science,

What’s Next for the Xbox?

Microsoft’s Xbox One, launched in November 2013, was the first gaming console to offer a dedicated TV streaming option.It’s also one of the most expensive consoles ever made, selling for

How to Make Software That Is Really, Really Deepfake

I have just one thing to say about this article: It’s all nonsense.There are literally thousands of deepfake programs that are available for free to developers.And they all work.There’s one

How to use the mapping software foundation software to find the location of the most important places in your neighborhood

It’s easy to get lost in a crowded, sprawling metropolis.The streets and lanes, which look the same to most people, often change.That’s where mapping software gets confusing.The mapping software’s software

How to make the perfect Windows 10 PC guide

Microsoft has been quietly making a lot of noise in recent months about the Windows 10 update that it’s preparing to roll out next week.The software giant is also launching

Which is better: Logitech C920 or a $250 webcam?

An Al Jazeera investigation has found that both of the main webcam options available on the market today can be bought for as little as $250, with some companies charging

How to listen to music online from the comfort of your couch

Music software has been getting better and better for streaming music, but that hasn’t always been the case.Now, it’s not too far off, with companies such as Pandora, Spotify, and

Corsair’s $1,499 Gaming laptop is out and about with a bang

The price of a gaming laptop is usually a key factor in deciding whether to spend your hard-earned cash.That’s because it’s often the only price tag that matters.That doesn’t apply

Why Samsung’s S7 may have lost its crown

Samsung, in a world in which everyone can have a smartphone, has a secret weapon: the S7.With its big screen, the most powerful chip in the world, and a massive

Watch out for the “cloud” of conferenced services

With the rise of online video conferences, we’ve all had to rely on one or more platforms for our live conferences, which have become increasingly important as our lives evolve.But

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