Check Point Software and Patriot Software create a virtual kitchen for home decorators

July 21, 2021 0 Comments

Check Point and Patriot, makers of kitchen design software and kitchen hardware, created a virtual space for decorators, in their first-ever design competition.

The competition featured two kitchens built on the same platform with different features.

Check Point’s Kitchen Designer Kitchen was a “modern kitchen for a modern family,” while Patriot’s Garden Design Suite featured a garden for “an open kitchen.”

The kitchens were designed to make decorating more accessible, interactive, and customizable, according to Check Point.

“We were looking for an easy-to-use, simple way to build an open kitchen, which people can use with minimal or no tools, and where they could customize their kitchen with their own ideas and tastes,” Check Point founder and CEO Mike McDonough said in a statement.

“When we started thinking about the kitchen design space, we thought it would be interesting to design a kitchen for our customers.

It was a simple but effective way to share ideas and to get feedback and feedback from our customers.”

The winning design is available to view on the Check Point website.

CheckPoint’s Garden Designer Suite is also available for download and use, and its other features include a digital catalog and a curated collection of products for use with the kitchen.

The two kitchens are part of Check Point Co-founder Michael McDonighs push to “revolutionize design” with products that are simple, flexible, and affordable, McDonagh said.

“Our goal is to change the way people think about and design their kitchens,” he said in the release.

Checkpoint, which also has an office in Atlanta, was founded in 2012 and McDonaugh said it aims to provide tools for people “to make more efficient use of their time.”

“With the Garden Designer Kitchen, we’re taking the design out of the kitchen and giving it back to the people who live and work in the kitchen,” McDonogh said.

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