TopicWhat is virtual phone number or DID ?

  • Mon 26th Nov 2018 - 7:27am

    DID  Numbers are clearly established in the business world and have in the past few years with lower cost found their way into the home.You can send the incoming calls to a home, office, or even cell phone as needed.

    Virtual Phone Number is also known as DID Number - Direct Inward Dialing. It is not an real phone number but rather a medium used for forwarding incoming calls to a pre-set  telephone number picked by the customer. Subscribers can use their existing telephones, without the need to purchase extra equipment.

    A DID number makes it possible to make a call to another region code, without the need to pay long distance charges. Basically,  Essentially, a client can call anyplace on the planet, but the phone call will still register as if it were local. The service provider gains unrivaled flexibility and cost effectiveness.

    The phone calls can be routed to any line the subscriber chooses, at any day of the week and at any hour.If you are looking for a DID number provider ,I recommend you forwardingmycall.This is a US based company.

  • Sat 5th Jan 2019 - 12:31pm

    You need to have that phoe number in case you need to do something. I tried doing superiorpapers prices with this number and I hope that it works. It was not working previously, but I will try again.

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