Gearbox Software unveils new VR software for the Xbox One

July 9, 2021 0 Comments

Gearbox software and the Xbox controller have unveiled a new VR app, a new gaming headset, and a new game controller, all for free.

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford and the team at Gearbox are teaming up with Oculus VR to release a free VR game for the new Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs that can be played on the new hardware.

It’s called Gearbox VR, and the first game it’s available on the platform is called Gear VR.

It was developed by Gearbox Studios, the creators of Borderlands and Borderlands 2.

Gear VR’s developer, Gearbox, says the app is the first time that developers will be able to share their game and game controllers with the Xbox audience, but there’s a few caveats.

GearVR requires the Xbox app to be running.

GearBox says that Oculus is the only developer that has agreed to the agreement.

In a press release, Pitchford said the app will be available in early 2019 for free for Gearbox users, but Gearbox isn’t planning to make it available for the public.

The app is a combination of Gearbox’s own software and Gearbox apps for Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Oculus is also working on a free headset called GearVR, but Pitchford says it won’t be ready until later this year.

The game will be free to play on both platforms, and it’ll be the first Gearbox game to support VR.

Pitchford told us that he and his team have been working on the app for a while, and that the team has been building it since December.

Gearlabs VR team will be working on GearVR game controllerThe Gearlaxis VR team has developed a new controller that uses GearboxVR to connect to Oculus’ Oculus Touch controllers, Gear VR says.

GearLab’s VR headset is based on the Gearbox Gear VR controller and includes a “new and improved user interface that works well with the new controller.”

It will be made available to Gearbox owners in early 2018.

Gear Lab is working on Oculus Touch VR controllerThe Oculus Touch controller has been developed in partnership with Oculus and GearLab.

The controllers use GearLab technology, which can make it easier to track the position of users in virtual worlds.

Gearlab also has some other Oculus Touch games, including the VR MMO Warface, which was made available in 2017.

Pitchfords team at Oculus says that the new VR controller is compatible with GearLab VR, but Oculus isn’t ready to make the controller available for public use yet.

GearLens technology is already used in GearVR to make VR goggles for the GearVR headset.

GearLabs VR game controller has a cameraThe GearLens VR game controllers will use a camera on the headband to track where the user is looking, and GearVR is working to make that feature available on a headset.

The GearLens controller will be the “next-generation Gear VR VR gaming headset,” according to Pitchford.

Pitchfeders team at the Gear VR studio will be creating a GearLens headset for GearLab owners.

GearLink and GearLens will be connected through the same hardwareThe GearLink VR headset will include a headset and a camera that will be built into the headset.

PitchFords team says that GearLink will work with GearLods GearVR headsets and GearLink games controllers.

Gear Link will be designed to work with both the GearLens and GearLasses Gear VR headsets, but both will be “complementary devices” for both headsets.

Pitch Fords team said that the GearLink headset will be compatible with the GearLab headsets, and there will be compatibility with GearLens games controllers on GearLink headsets.

Gear link will be a “true VR-ready VR device” The GearLink game controller will use the Gearlasso VR system, which Pitchfries team says will be ready for testing in the next month.

Pitchlab says that both the headset and the camera will be integrated into the Gear Link system, but neither will be directly compatible with Oculus’ Touch controllers.

Pitchlabs team says it will be easier to test a headset that uses the GearLasso VR camera system because both will use same hardware and the cameras will work together.

Gearlink will be powered by Oculus’ VR SDK, but it won`t be compatible directly with Oculus Touch controlsGearLink will be equipped with the Oculus Touch SDK.

PitchLab said it will make the Gearlink system available to users on both the Xbox and Windows PC platforms and on a variety of GearLink-compatible mobile phones, laptops, and tablets.

Oculus will also be supporting the Gear Lasso VR controllers, but the company says it doesn’t plan to release it for public purchase just yet.

The team at VRWorks says that there will also also be an Oculus SDK for GearLasson VR headsets.

Oculus has also made it easy for GearLink developers to work on the software that will power the Gearlinked headsets.

The SDK will allow developers to create and deploy applications

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