How to choose the best remote desktop software for your office

A new study suggests that remote desktop is a key factor in choosing the best computer for your remote work environment.

The report by University of Toronto researchers found that employees were much more likely to use remote desktop when their remote work environments were not ideal for them.

Researchers at the university, the University of York and the University College London (UCL) say that the remote desktop experience makes it more difficult for users to stay in touch with their colleagues, with the remote session having an impact on productivity and communication.

The researchers analysed data from nearly 800 employees at three Toronto-based companies, looking at how their remote productivity was affected by the quality of their remote desktop sessions.

Their findings show that employees working remotely at a higher-end office experience are less productive when the remote system is less stable, has a low level of reliability and has poor network connectivity.

“Our results show that a remote desktop system that is stable and reliable is likely to have a better remote work experience than a system that has a lower level of stability, low reliability and/or poor network connections,” the researchers wrote in the study, published in the journal PLOS ONE.

Workers who were using the company’s popular VMWare remote desktop platform, for example, had lower productivity than those using a more stable system such as HyperX or Microsoft’s XBox Live.

One of the researchers, James Hsieh, a professor of computer science at UCL, said the findings suggest that remote work should be prioritised in office environments.

It makes sense for companies to focus on maintaining a high level of availability and reliability to allow users to work remotely with colleagues, he said.

Remote desktop has long been a key part of office life, but it has been a relatively recent technology, according to the researchers.

A key part is that the technology is built for mobile devices, with many of the desktop apps relying on APIs that can be used on any device.

“It is important to understand the benefits of remote desktop and the limitations, so that companies can tailor their products accordingly,” Hsieb said.

The researchers say that while many users are looking for the best way to work, the quality and stability of remote work is a priority.

Some companies are offering a range of remote software platforms, including VirtualBox and VMware.

Others, including Microsoft, are offering software to run on a range and devices.

However, Hsiep says that the key is to decide on the right software to suit your needs.

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