Microsoft’s new Windows 10 Mobile OS has ‘huge potential’

Microsoft has released its first major update to its Windows 10 mobile operating system, codenamed “Windows 10 Mobile”.

The new Windows Mobile 8.1 update is the first major Windows 10 upgrade to come to mobile devices in more than two years, with some analysts expecting the release of another update later this year.

Windows 10 mobile OS update 1.1, which is currently available on Windows 10 devices, brings a slew of new features including the ability to turn off notifications on Windows Hello, and the ability for Windows 10 to automatically restart your device if you disconnect from a network.

“Windows 10 is already the best Windows mobile operating systems ever, but now Microsoft has brought us a huge potential,” Microsoft Insider Tech Writer Chris Taylor told Ars Technica.

“This update to the Windows 10 platform is the next logical step.”

While Windows 10’s mobile app landscape has improved dramatically over the past year, the upgrade to Windows 10 makes the mobile platform one of the most robust in the world, and this new update gives users a lot more control over their mobile devices.

“With this update, Microsoft makes the most of what it has with Windows 10 on phones and tablets, making it the perfect platform for mobile users to get the latest features and best of the latest software,” Taylor said.

“Windows apps will be better organized, with a new unified app drawer that brings everything together into one place, and Cortana is now a lot smarter, providing quick search and control over many of your most important personal and business tasks.”

A quick overview of the new Windows Update features and improvements included in the Windows 11 Mobile update.

A new unified Windows 10 Store app drawer in Windows 10.

A new unified search app in Windows, and a redesigned Settings app.

A revamped Windows Settings app for faster navigation.

A unified settings tile to make it easier to find and add apps and settings.

A brand new set of settings icons to make navigating through them a breeze.

Windows Store and Windows Store apps will have an integrated app tile that brings them all together in one place.

The tile can be accessed by swiping left from the bottom edge of the tile, and can display your apps and more info.

The new tile is a great place to find your apps.

A brand new, unified Windows Settings tile.

The tiles will now be grouped by app and can be navigated by swipes from the right edge.

The settings tile can now also display your settings, as well as other settings, like Cortana, and is now easier to navigate.

A unified Settings tile, which now also allows you to switch between app and settings tiles.

The tile can also now be used to switch from apps and tiles.

Swipe right from the left edge of a tile to display settings.

Swipe up from the top of the app tile to access the settings tiles and settings options.

Swiping right from a tile now displays the app settings.

Swipes left from a Tile now opens the Settings tile and allows you access to the settings options for your apps, and to switch to apps and to open your settings.

A separate tile for the Settings app, with all the settings, apps, settings and the list of apps you use.

A “Choose your own device” tile to show your device information and settings settings.

The Settings tile has now been redesigned from the ground up.

Swiping left on the top right of the tiles now displays your device info and settings, and swiping down on the bottom right brings up the app tray.

Swiped right from Settings now shows the apps that are currently installed on your device.

Swipes left to the right to open the app drawer.

The new Settings tile shows all your app settings, including app permissions.

Swiped right now opens your apps list, and Swipes down to open all of the settings for your app.

Switches to the app list will now show you the apps currently installed, and allows for easier switching between apps and apps.

Swipers left to open up the settings drawer.

This new Settings Tile also shows all the apps on your Windows 10 device, and shows what apps you have installed.

Swips right from settings now opens all the app lists for your device, so you can see what apps are currently running and toggles between the apps and the ones you have open.

Swiper left to close the settings.

This section is for a list of changes in the new version of the Windows Store.

The Windows Store is a collection of apps and services that you can install on your mobile device.

These apps can include the Windows Phone Store, the Microsoft Store, and more.

These changes include improved performance, and new features and options, so make sure to check them all out.

Swiper left from Settings, to open a list.

This section shows what you have selected, and gives you the options to keep your settings and apps, as you normally would.

Swipers left from settings, to close all your apps that you have opened.

Swipped left to dismiss the app.

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