Google, Adobe to merge their software patents

Google has teamed up with Adobe to offer the world a slew of software patents that will enable users to prepare their tax returns. The software will allow people to prepare

How to fix Windows 10 issues with the latest update

Logitech G502 software updates will be rolling out to your PC over the next few weeks, and the latest software update will include fixes for Windows 10 bugs.The new Logitech

Which PC is the best for your next project?

Posted August 16, 2018 09:05:11 PC gaming hardware is becoming a bit of a hot commodity, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to buy one without having to shell out the

What you need to know about Live Streams

A stream is a digital stream of information, usually through a set of devices.It can include a video feed, audio, and/or pictures.Live streams can be useful for many things, from

Which is better for editing video, Adobe Premiere or Microsoft Word?

Adobe Premiere is an excellent editor, but its limitations are sometimes frustrating.In particular, there’s no support for multiple video streams.Microsoft Word has built-in support for more than one video stream,

Why you should pay more for a laptop with Intel chips

Intel’s Core i5-2500U, which can deliver up to 4,100 cores, is expected to be the fastest laptop ever made by Intel.And it’s a good buy.It costs about $2,000 less than

What are your favorite apps to install on Android?

We’ve had the pleasure of reviewing over 100 Android apps in the past, but we’re happy to share our Top 10 list of the most downloaded apps in 2018!The apps

How to use BMc software for personal finance

Personal finance software can help you save money and manage your finances.It’s often used for things like online banking and savings accounts, but it’s also available for many other applications,

How to Get Paid to Create Music in Video Games

Video game developers are often praised for the artistry, creativity and immersion of their games.They are lauded for being able to create worlds that look and feel like their own,

Why do you want a software taxonomy?

Posted January 08, 2018 07:17:40 Why do people need a software-based taxonomy system?In some cases, it can be a boon to tax practitioners and their clients.For example, there is no

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