This is what your next iPhone or iPad backup app looks like

I spent most of the last few weeks working with the Carbon app on my iPhone, and it was a great experience.

Carbon makes it incredibly easy to backup your device, and Carbon also lets you choose from over 50 different backup apps, including Dropbox, Apple Drive, Google Drive, Box, Box2Go, and many more.

I spent a lot of time on Carbon, and I loved it.

But the Carbon backup app is still not as useful as it could be, and some of the more popular backup apps for iOS are no longer available for Android.

That’s bad news for users, because most Android users don’t need backup apps on their phones.

So I wanted to see what all the options were for Android users.

I went to Carbon’s developer page, downloaded Carbon, opened the app, and set up a backup on my phone.

Here’s what I found.

Backup software Carbon backup apps are a great way to get backup software on your Android device.

But if you’re using a Mac, Windows, or Linux OS, you’ll need to buy some additional apps.

There are two different types of Carbon apps: The “Classic” Carbon app is a basic app that you can install on your phone.

It will do basic things like backup your data.

It can’t backup files that are larger than the size of the device, like photos.

The “Basic” Carbon is a more advanced backup app that can backup files larger than 16GB, but it can’t create backups larger than 5GB in size.

Carbon is designed to backup files over a long period of time.

The app will backup a file every time you go to a new device and a new folder.

You can even use Carbon as a backup for all your documents, including photos, videos, and music.

The basic Carbon app also allows you to create backup folders.

You don’t have to create a folder, just select it from the “Backup” dropdown menu.

Once you select a folder to backup, Carbon will create a backup of that folder.

Carbon also supports importing photos, video, and more, so you can backup and import your photos and videos to your new phone.

The backup will be backed up on the device that you selected.

I created a new Carbon backup on a new Android device, so I opened the Carbon application on the new device.

After I selected a backup folder, I created an existing backup folder on my new Android phone, and then selected the new backup folder.

The Carbon app then opened and imported the backup to the new phone, so that the file could be restored.

The new phone then had the file restored.

Carbon even supports backup files of multiple devices.

If you have multiple phones, you can create backups on each of them.

For example, if you have two iPhones on the same network, you could have one backup on each phone.

Carbon supports backup of the same device over multiple networks.

You’ll be able to backup the same folder on each iPhone, so it will be compatible with backup of both of your phones.

Carbon will save your files to iCloud and Google Drive as well as Dropbox.

If your phone is wiped off, Carbon won’t delete the files.

Carbon can backup your phone, but you’ll have to buy the new Carbon app to do that.

I bought the Carbon Android app and created a backup.

After downloading the app on the Android device I opened it on my Mac, and the backup was created.

Carbon saved the file and the folder on both phones.

I then backed up the file on my PC, and that backup was saved.

So if your phone was wiped, Carbon would not delete the backup files.

But Carbon saved my files on my device, which meant I had the backup of all the files on both of my phones.

The original Carbon app that I downloaded doesn’t save the backup folder either.

That app has a backup option that lets you save the folder.

I chose the option “Create a backup” and saved my folder.

But that option isn’t available on Carbon.

Carbon has a built-in backup function, but that built-ins doesn’t work for backups of multiple apps.

The built-In Backup function lets you create backups of files that aren’t larger than 15GB on the phone that you use to backup.

Carbon uses Dropbox to store your files on your Mac.

The Dropbox app is free for Mac users.

The Windows Dropbox app can be downloaded from the Windows Store.

Carbon doesn’t have a Dropbox client.

But it does have a simple Android app called Carbon.

So it’s easy to use and supports backup from both the Android and the iOS versions of the app.

The Android app supports importing files and uploading them to Dropbox.

Carbon allows you edit a backup file on your new Android smartphone.

The file can be deleted on the backup device, but Carbon does not delete it.

You still have the backup on your iPhone.

Carbon lets you select multiple backup folders to create

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