What’s the difference between Cam and Lens?

In the early days of the digital camera revolution, it was the lens, rather than the camera, that made the difference.

This wasn’t a matter of having a better lens; it was about making the camera more usable.

The Lens was the camera’s first DSLR and was aimed at photographers, rather a business.

Its first real competition was the Canon 60D.

The 60D was a small, cheap DSLR that made a lot of noise.

The new Canon EOS 70D was smaller, but also a lot more expensive.

But they both were aimed at the same audience: photographers.

Now, both of those cameras are out of the picture.

They are both designed to capture the same type of picture.

And while they are the same in every respect, they are two different cameras.

Canon is focusing on the user, while the EOS is targeting the market.

The EOS uses a mirrorless sensor that captures the image through a mirror.

The 70D uses a similar sensor but with an electronic viewfinder, which can make it easier to see what you’re doing.

Canon says that both cameras are designed to be used in low light.

The camera you buy may or may not be a DSLR.

And that’s fine.

But you’ll get a more immersive picture from a different camera if you choose to.

Lens is a different animal.

It’s a sensor with a glass lens.

This is not a lens.

Lens has to be a lens because it is a sensor.

Lens does not have to be in the sensor to be usable.

Lens makes the sensor work.

And Canon has made a very good product out of that.

But if you look closely, you’ll notice something odd about the way Canon is selling these cameras.

It is selling a different lens.

In a press release for the 70D, Canon says: The 70d uses a 3.5mm to 5mm lens with a f/1.8 aperture.

It can capture a wider range of image characteristics than the 70d, which is a full-frame DSLR with a 30mm lens and a 2x telephoto.

Lens offers the same capabilities for the same price as the 70s, but it’s not as affordable.

The Canon EDS 70D is a $1,000 camera.

The Nikon D700 is a similarly priced $1.9 million camera.

Lens costs less than a dollar, and the Canon E-M5 is a lot less expensive.

The difference is that the E-Series is still in the price range of the 70Ds and the 70DS is in the same range as the D700.

Lens doesn’t matter because Canon has a better camera, and lenses matter because they make the sensor a lot cheaper.

The two cameras work together, not separately.

Lens also has an advantage over a camera that is a mirror-less sensor.

It allows you to see the image you’re shooting, while still being able to capture some of the same details you’d get from a camera without a mirror lens.

The only difference between the EDS70D and the ESS 70D?

The EDS doesn’t have an optical viewfinder.

You can’t change the image by using the shutter release on the camera.

Canon claims the 70E won’t have that limitation, but there is no way to tell from the photos.

The focus can be locked, and there’s no optical image stabilization.

The wide-angle lens is not as powerful as the full-axial E-mount cameras that Nikon and Sony make, but Canon has used the E lens for a few years now to capture images that are better than those on the Nikon D300, Nikon D600, and Canon E800.

The lens is still a sensor, so it is not the same sensor as the sensor on the E600 and E800 cameras.

But it’s much better than the E800’s 28-megapixel sensor, and it has much better low-light performance.

And it’s the same size as the E300.

But the E700 and E700 Plus have optical viewfinders, while other E-series cameras are not.

So the E100 and E200 cameras don’t have a mirror sensor, but they do have a sensor that is also a sensor and therefore a lens that does.

And the E5s and E7s do not have an autofocus motor.

But Canon doesn’t use a mechanical autofocusing system for these cameras either.

This means you won’t be able to see which lens is used when the camera is stopped down to take a picture.

This can be a big problem for people who use the E Series lenses for portraits, where the E series has a high contrast, low-contrast sensor that makes it difficult to capture good close-ups.

And you won, at least, be able see the lens you’re using when the E lenses are in use.

Canon also says the E6s and the 10D can use a

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