When did the idea for Spider-Man and his wife come together?

July 26, 2021 0 Comments

When Peter Parker and his daughter, Gwen, started the Marvel Studios movie franchise in 1996, the character of Spider-man was still an unknown.

And yet, as we learned last week, Peter and Gwen Parker are in fact married.

This is thanks to the creative minds at Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios, who decided to go ahead and cast the two as a couple in a romantic comedy called Spider-Gwen & the Lizard.

“It was a bit of a surprise to all of us,” producer and co-writer Marc Webb told EW.

“We had never met her, so we didn’t know how we were going to get the right angle for her.”

Webb added that the producers were able to bring their vision of Gwen to life with the help of a casting director named Steve Buscemi, who had a history with the actor.

“He was one of the best directors I ever worked with,” Webb said of Buscemos.

“And he was able to do that for the movie.”

Buscema’s role in Spider-Land was part of the movie’s creative vision, and was intended to be a sort of meta-spider-man/spiderman comedy.

Buscem is best known for his work on The Simpsons, which he also wrote, directed, and starred in.

As he explains in his autobiography, Buscems love of comedy was sparked in high school.

He was the first one in my class to have a car, so I always had fun in the garage.

He started writing songs for a comedy band, and one of them was ‘Spiders, I’m Spider-gwen.’

I remember being a kid and having my parents pick me up and taking me to a comedy club in New York.

It was the biggest laugh I’d ever had.

I didn’t care what school I was in, and it was one I didn.

It really changed my life.

“I was living with my parents and being told, ‘You can’t be an actor, you can’t even be a rock star, you have to be an accountant,’ ” Buscemic told EW, noting that the experience was a turning point in his life.

The film’s director, Kevin Feige, added that he and Buscemis are very proud of the result of their collaborative effort.

“You get to see a young, impressionable kid who really wants to make something and is able to work hard at it,” Feige said.

“That’s something that you can really appreciate with a young actor who can make the leap to a career in a film like Spider-land.”

As for how Buscei came up with the idea of the film, the actor was inspired by his father’s work in the film industry, as well as his love for comic books.

“My father’s been a comic book guy for 40 years,” Busce said.

“[He was] into comics from a young age, so he had this really good idea of what comics could be.

He wanted a comic about a spider who can jump between the worlds and go back and forth between them, and we thought we could do that.”

Buschim said that the film’s script was written by the director, and that the duo would work closely with Feige and other writers.

“If you’re working with somebody that knows how to write, it’s really hard,” Busch said.

Busch added that a lot of the inspiration for the story came from his own father, who is the creator of the Marvel Comics characters Iron Man and Captain America.

“There’s a lot more love of superheroes that come from his father, so that was a huge inspiration for me,” he said.

But Buscemin said he also felt that it would have been a great idea to have Gwen and Peter Parker’s love story played out in a much more realistic way.

“The whole concept of a movie like Spider Land was to have the two people get married,” he explained.

“They were supposed to have their first child together and their second child after that.

It’s supposed to be the love story of two people who grew up together.”

Busceanis advice to any aspiring comic book fans reading this is to find a studio that is willing to cast your dream character and then find someone who can help you get the job done.

“As an actor you want to work with the right people.

As a comic writer, you want the right person to write the script for you,” he stressed.

“So you have a very specific set of skills to go with.”

Watch Buscemetis full interview with EW below.

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