Which is the best printer software for business?

July 20, 2021 0 Comments

A new survey by software consultancy ocr suggests that while some people are happy to pay for professional software that can automatically add text to documents, others are not as enthusiastic about paying extra to get a more powerful printer that is capable of adding multiple images at once.

Key points:Ocr surveyed more than 1,000 businesses about how they use their printers, and found most would prefer the option to pay extra to have a faster printerThe firm also found most people would prefer a faster, more powerful, cheaper printer if it meant they could add images quickly and easilyThe company found most of the companies surveyed were using the i3, i5 and i7 series of printers, while the other options were the HP Envy, HP Envato, HP Prodigy and HP Inspiron.

In fact, nearly three quarters of respondents said they were happy to be able to print more documents with their printers than they are currently capable of.

In terms of the main features, the company found the i5 series of 3D printers were the most popular, followed by the HP Elite Series, HP Epson Inspiron 7 and HP Enviroment Pro.

However, it also found that many businesses were looking to upgrade to the latest models to get the most out of their printers.

“Some of our respondents stated that they were not sure if they would continue to use their printer with the latest version of the software, as it is not compatible with the newer printers,” said ocr founder and CEO James Smith.

“For some businesses, that might mean choosing from either the HP E6000 or HP E7000 series.”

He said many businesses may not be able afford to upgrade their printers but would prefer to get an upgrade to a faster or cheaper machine that could easily add multiple images.

“While most people are comfortable with their current printers, some businesses may be looking to make upgrades to their printer so that they can print more frequently and easily,” he said.

“It may also mean switching to the HP Inspiant or HP Enviornon to get faster and more powerful printers, which in turn could make it easier to add images faster.”

Ocr said its survey found most businesses would rather pay extra for a faster machine, but it also had data suggesting some companies may be getting away with the use of cheaper, less powerful machines.

“The data showed that some businesses would be willing to pay up to $1,000 per year for the upgrade to be more powerful than they currently have,” Mr Smith said.

The firm found most companies surveyed used either a Fujitsu GX60, Fujitsu X-Pro2 or HP RapidJet 5200 for their printers to add multiple photos.

However only one of those machines was used to print the most images.

Ocr also found many people wanted to upgrade from their current printer to a better printer, but the company said it could not provide a detailed list of options that would work for all of them.

“We wanted to give you some suggestions that we think you might be interested in, but we can’t provide any specific pricing as that’s for you to decide,” Mr Jones said.

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