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What is Amazon SES?

Amazon SES is a service that sends bulk emails at a low cost and with the top quality available today. The speed of delivery is lightning fast, and the capability to get into the inbox is never quiet. Particularly convenient payment methods (direct payment with Visa credit card) or payments through partnerships located in Vietnam to receive invoices with valid validity.

However, I must utilize specific email software. Amazon SES is often used to send and receive email using your mail address and domain quickly and more cost-effectively than other solutions. This program is connected to Amazon through protocols like SMTP, HTTPS, API, and more. However, you are not able to send emails directly through Amazon.

Customers can help support customers by sending emails. So, suppose you choose to use Amazon SES as your email sender/receiver. In that case, it is possible to create various software solutions simultaneously, including autoresponders and email unsubscribe systems, and other applications.

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Why Use Amazon SES?

The use of Amazon SES comes with several advantages.

  • High Deliverability
  • Cost-effective
  • Configurable

High Deliverability

Amazon SES has several functions, such as content filtering IP addresses exclusively used to send the sender’s reputation dashboard to ensure that the sender maintains their good name. The higher your customer’s inboxes rank based on the sender’s reputation, the more messages they’ll receive.


You can avail of AWS’s pay-as-you-go model and pay only for the resources and services you use. There aren’t any upfront costs or fixed charges, as you’re able to prove that your monthly use of the service is within or exceeds a specific threshold. Additionally, when an application ran in Amazon EC2 and was sent from an application that runs on Amazon.


You can use configuration sets to design rules that you can apply to your emails using Amazon EC2. Additionally, you can use Amazon Cloud Watch to conduct an in-depth analysis of your email statistics and receive notifications via Amazon SNS.

If you’ve got any concerns or questions regarding AWS, you can ask them via the Community.

Features of Amazon SES

  • authentication: You have the email address from which you’re sending your messages. Ses can support all forms of authentication, such as DKIM, SPF, and DMARC.
  • High Deliverability: Amazon SES maintains an excellent reputation with mailbox providers due to blocking malicious and spam-related content.
  • IP addresses that are dedicated The basic idea is that Amazon sends emails via its shared IP addresses; however, those customers sending large amounts of emails can rent dedicated IP addresses exclusively for their use.
  • Monitor: Amazon SES can capture data about the entire response process, including the number of emails sent, deliveries, and clicks, as well as open bounces, complaints, and even rejections. This information can be saved inside the Amazon S3 bucket and an Amazon Redshift database, then sent to Amazon SNS to receive immediate notifications or analyzed with Amazon Kinesis Analytics.
  • Sender Reputation Management: CloudWatch can be used to CloudWatch create alarms to alert you when the rate of complaints or bounces exceeds certain thresholds. Based on this information, you can take immediate action on any issues that may influence your sender’s reputation.
  • (Flexible Email Receipt The received email can be stored in an Amazon S3 bucket.
  • Different Email-Sending Interfaces Amazon offers a variety of options to send emails, such as Ses Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) or via the AWS Software Development Kit (SDK).
  • The Mailbox Simulator You can utilize mailbox simulators to model successful delivery and hard bounces, as well as out-of-office comments or responses.

Integration: Amazon SES can seamlessly integrate with various Ses services.

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Benefits of Amazon SES

Email is a part of business for many companies, even though some have entered the world of Slack and social media. It’s normal for any customer-facing app to communicate with its customer via official emails to explain the latest features, inform the user of security concerns or offer a means customers can provide feedback and seek support. Email is the most widely-known, most trusted method for communicating with applications and is often employed for marketing and advertising campaigns due to how companies can monitor the success of their campaigns.

The issue is that sending emails is also a complicated task for businesses that must send thousands or even millions of messages each month via various apps to conduct official company business and marketing purposes. It’s difficult due to the sheer volume of messages sent out, and the pressure email puts on multiple platforms.

There are some concerns about the reliability of sending messages, ensuring compliance with the regulations on marketing emails, and dealing with the flood of incoming emails.

Luckily, Amazon SES has a back-end infrastructure that can keep up with the pace of change. Amazon SES is a console app that administrators can manage and customize to meet their business requirements. It employs cutting-edge technology for content filtering and reputation management functions to protect against issues in compliance with regulations (avoiding being labeled spam since users opt-in to receive emails) and a wide range of reporting and analytics functions.

Handling incoming emails is not a Herculean task. Amazon SES can store incoming messages in an Amazon EC2 bucket, and companies can then utilize AWS Lambda to manage the emails using specific codes. For instance, when your business uses an application to send an email regarding the latest features frequently and users respond to ask questions, you could make a report and then create an email that addresses the queries — for instance, making use of a service called Amazon SNS (Simple Notification Service) which searches for specific keywords.

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